Secure Caravan And Motorhome Storage

Here at Peachley Court Farm we offer only the very highest level of security for your caravan, motorhome, boat or trailer. As a caravan site owner we understand that your caravan is your pride and joy, and want to assure total peace of mind. Your caravan will be stored on all weather hard-standing in our secure compound, the perimeter of which is manufactured from Security 358 (or "prison") mesh. It is floodlit, constantly monitored by CCTV, and is situated just 100 metres from our family home.

Access to the compound is strictly limited to the highly experienced staff, so you can be assured that accidental damage caused by other owners vehicle movements is eliminated. Our staff, at your request, will move your caravan from the secure compound into the pickup area. Here you can use the electric hookup and service facilities before commencing your trip. Upon your return you can use these same facilities again before our staff return your caravan to the compound.

CaSSOA Gold Standard Storage


CaSSOA (the Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association) is an independant security assessor, and award 3 possible levels of accreditation. Here at Peachley Court Farm in Worcestershire we are proud to have achieved the 'Gold' standard, which is the highest accreditation possible, with our. Storing your caravan or motorhome in a gold standard CaSSOA registered site often means that your insurer offers a discount on your cover. You can view our entry directly on the CaSSOA website by clicking here.